Nitalala Uzeeni – DJ Choka

DJ Choka is a DJ than an artist. However, art is something inside every mind that excels or can excel in anything that requires creativity. Therefore, his piece of being an “artist” pushes him into the booth once in a while. Lucky for him, his experience on the microphone hyping crowds and fans, always comes handy when he jumps into the closed doors with only see through mirrors.

He is back on it again and this time he says “Nitalala Uzeeni”. He is given company by Young Lunya, Country Boy, Deddy, Climax Bibo & Bgway. The young don’t need to sleep. They need to hustle, hustle hard. Their time to sleep will come. Here is Nitalala Uzeeni.Nitalala-Uzeeni


DJ choka ni mkali…kwani hili song ni kweli vijana wengi hupenda bata bila hustling ..lakini mwisho was siku in lazima kujituma ili kama in bata uzitendee haki

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