Our dear Lady Jaydee is in love!

Love life is complicated. You fall in love and walk on cloud 9. Then six feet under seems ideal. Something hit you hard. You rule the roost. Control your destiny. To some the unlucky shots run in the family. Others are their misfortune. Love without expecting. Don’t create your disappointment.

The Lady is in love. After a rocky year, she seems to have found a dream. She is out of it and now living it. It could be ruffling other’s feathers. Mean people. A lifetime lesson to do you. Haters will hate.Always. Is she an open book? We don’t know. But to see her smiling and happy is a good thing.

That said, here is Lady Jaydee with her new found love. A brand new purpose in life. Together, they have joined stars who work together. They are no sitting on top of the world. Together.

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